FREESTYLE ON THE BLOCK is a festival going hard 4th year in a row in a beautiful town called Split. The goal is to unite the whole urban scene together, which is also a moto of our Underground Society association. DATE: 2.-5. March, 2017 PLACE: Indoor Skate Park, Split Just keep on reading! This year we got some new players in the game, some new rules and bigger prizes! (Considering the fact that everyone wants the bank) The grand opening will be held at the gallery in Dom Mladih, March 2nd 2017, at 7pm. We’ll spice things up with HIPHOP battles at Indoor Skate Park. Saturday is dedicated to hiphop workshops in the morning, SKATEBOARD CONTEST in the afternoon, after which we’ll learn from the youngest bboys to see how they do it. When their bedtime comes, it’s time for much bigger and experienced ones to show us what they got. And to spice things up a bit more, club Kocka will be waiting for us with DJ NIKI PEDUCCI, then HIGH5, coming straight from the streets of Zagreb.